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Here Is The List Of Winners
Past And Present

Please Read Any Disclaimers On These Pages.
These Are NOT My Pages, Only My Choices..:+)

Some Winner's Sites Have Been Removed
Due To Dead Links Or The Award Winning Site
Has Been Totally Changed From What It Once Was.

Site Name               Description

  1. Ask Mr. Bullet   (Ask Him Anything, He Answers)
  2. Owens4 Tools   (Great HTML Tools And Lessons)
  3. Slowpoke's Toolbox   (Super HTML Lessons)
  4. Dave's Midis For Webtv  (This Link Is Dead)
  5. MaidMarian's Interludes  (Real Audio At It's Best)
  6. Great Gifs To Go   (A Vast Array Of Neon Gifs)
  7. Miss Pita's Domain   (A Nice Selction Of Gifs)
  8. Warp-Speed's Help Pages   (HTML & Webtv Help)
  9. Ralph's Forms,Html,Javascript   (Excellent Pages)
  10. Station X   (Great Webtv Help Links)
  11. Webcaster's Bag Of Tricks   (A Super Tools Site)
  12. Ericpaul.net   (Webtv Help At It's Best)
  13. Patrick's Free Graphics   (Graphics For Webtvers)
  14. Music Graphics Galore   (Just What The Name Says)
  15. Knoc's Audioscope Art   (A Visual Treat)
  16. Jake425's IRC Builder   (An IRC Chat Builder)
  17. Chino's Real Audio   (This Link Is Dead)
  18. Cindy's Gifs & Animation   (Holiday Graphics)
  19. Apollo's Html Help   (Good Overall Html Help)
  20. Nifty Text & Other Stuff   (Rainbow Text Generator)
  21. © The Webtv Utility   (This Link Is Dead)
  22. Basic Signature Series  (Webtv Html For Emails)
  23. Chardonnay's Scoop On Scopes  (Audioscopes)
  24. How To Make Banners  (ImageMagick Lessons)
  25. Lady Oh's Gifs & Jpgs  (This Link Is Dead)
  26. Jill's Cyberdelic Heaven  (Gifs & Stuff)
  27. Printshop For Webtv  (Printable Greeting Cards)
  28. Angel's Castle Of Gifs  (A Pretty Page Of Links)
  29. The Crypts Of Dark Eternal  (Changed Site)
  30. Sandy's Nautical Gallery  (Nautical Images)
  31. Tboob's Midi Juke Box  (1000 Midi Songs)
  32. Anne's Place  (Great Holiday Gifs)
  33. Bob's Movies  (Site Has Changed)
  34. Built With A Webtv  (Live Cams, HTML Help & More)
  35. JBird's Webtv Sig Help  (Great For Beginners)
  36. Madrabbit's Webtv Tools  (A Must For Webtvers)
  37. Jen & Keith's Place  (HTML Help & More)
  38. Country Music Old & New  (This Link Is Dead)
  39. Gary's Midi Madness  (A Unique Selection)
  40. Webtv Email Gifs  (A Nice Selection Of Gifs)
  41. G's Spot  (A Super Cat Site)
  42. Titanic F-Key Saver  (This Link Is Dead)
  43. Wassi's Zoo  (This Link Is Dead)
  44. Ginger's Free Gifs  (Tons Of Free Gifs)
  45. Deb29s Corner-BG Depot  (Webtv Email Backgs)
  46. Dolphin Dreams' Midis  (Wonderful Midi Sounds)
  47. Naji's E-Mail Accents  (Cool Email Backgrounds)
  48. Dodgerdawg's Dugout  (Cool Midi Page)
  49. Karen's Corner  (Webtv Support)
  50. Nevr2L8's Bars/Lines/Divider Gifs  (Cool Bars)
  51. Our Schoolhouse  (A Nice Family Page)
  52. Witchy's Place  (Everything Witchy)
  53. Ceasars Palace  (Inovated Links Page)
  54. Webtv Freaks  (Webtv Only Help/Tricks Page)
  55. Tom's Gifs, Midis & More  (Cool Free Gifs & Midis)
  56. Lasher's Gifs  (Cool Gifs)
  57. Knockmedown  (Webtv Help)
  58. Ayla59's Corner Hangout  (Webtv Backgrounds)
  59. Luckylady's Love Notes  (Send One Today)
  60. Death Warrior's Gifs & Links  (Spooky Images)
  61. KodeKracker - Webtv InfoCenter  (Webtv Tricks)
  62. Ala-Boy's Helpful Pages  (Webtv Tools)
  63. Wishmisstress  (Website Building)
  64. Beth Candy's Sitemap  (Webtv Help)
  65. Lori's Land Of Links  (Linkables & Links)
  66. Tom & Vicki's Gifs  (Nice Image Site)
  67. For Webtv Beginners  (Great Links Page)
  68. The Andresen Family  (A Classic Site)
  69. Heather & Warren's  (Gifs & Links For Webtv)
  70. Totally Linkable  (Graphics For Webtv)
  71. Newbies Html Help  (Great Info)
  72. Wingie's Do You Believe ?  (The Unexplained)
  73. Marney's Place  (Gifs Are Us)
  74. Mona's Place  (Gifs & More)
  75. A.P.B.H. PageBuilder Helpers  (Webtv Pages)
  76. Great Backs  (Cool Backgrounds)
  77. Sherry's Corner Creations  (Email Backgrounds)
  78. Kevin's Web Pages  (Fun Pages)
  79. Flasher's Little Music Shop  (Midis & More)
  80. AnyMan's Pad  (Live Cams)
  81. Aylana's Domain  (Webtv Help & More)
  82. Everything Image Magick  (Great Info Page)
  83. Jennifer's Dreams  (Beautiful Photos)
  84. Wicked Good Games For Webtv  (Mucho Fun)
  85. The Beatles Collection  (Great Pics & More)
  86. FLinks !  (A Super F-Key Saver)
  87. Daydreams  (Fine Art & Classical Songs)
  88. Lisa's Banner Tutorial  (Build A Banner Today)
  89. Fastville Search Engine  (Search & Tools)
  90. Jeff & Tracey's Gifs  (A Nice Collection)
  91. U-L-T-R-A'S Webtv Homepage  (Tips & Tricks)
  92. Cannonball's Webtv Help  (Html & More)
  93. Alluvus' Celestial Page  (Images & Backgrounds)
  94. Sea Of Graphics  (Graphics & Sounds)
  95. Wyshmasta's Webtv  (Webtv Help)
  96. Yaya's Place  (Backgrounds & More)
  97. Expert HTML  (Html Help)
  98. Azalea Acre  (Webtv Printables)
  99. BGSound  (Linkable Webtv Midis)
  100. Angel's Image Tutorials  (Great Image Lessons)
  101. Jazzman's Gallery  (Images & Midis)
  102. Jennifer's Camelot  (Creative Site)
  103. Cap ~n~ Fila Collection  (Webtv Help)
  104. Bannerz R Us  (Make Your Own Banner)
  105. Rainbow's World  (Background Sets)
  106. CokeKidd.Com  (Coke Theme Fun Page)
  107. Paintergals Bars & Lines  (Free Graphics)
  108. WebWizardsWay  (Cool Tools)
  109. Globes & Eggs  (Animated Graphics)
  110. Stephanie's Gifs  (Gifs & More)
  111. Banner Boulevard  (Free Banners)
  112. Vampire CONFIDENTIAL  (Very Spooky)
  113. Fun With Html  (Join The Fun)
  114. Webtv Planet  (Resources)
  115. Amateur Radio Call  (Fun Hobby)
  116. A Mime's Walls  (Webtv Help & More)
  117. The Table Guy  (Art With Tables)
  118. Driver 70s Webtv Help  (Resource)
  119. Expanding Head (Great Tools & More)
  120. Signature Directs (Pre-Made Sigs For Webtv)
  121. Tom357mag's Webtv Stuff (Tools & More)
  122. Bruce's "Willing2Help" (Webtv Help)
  123. The Blue Fox Menu (Webtv Help)
  124. Siggies (Pre-Made Sigs)
  125. Viav.Net (Webtv Tools & More)
  126. The Quick Find (Webtv Tools)
  127. Pinkie's Place (Gifs And More)
  128. Techniguy's Web Pages (Help Site)
  129. USA Drifters (Online Tour Club)
  130. Texas Angel (Webtv Help & Fun)
  131. RTSHome (Html Help & Links)
  132. SuzieQ's Gifs & Backs (Nice Collection)
  133. Moe's Boomerabilla (Pop Culture)
  134. Banner Melt Down (Free Banners)
  135. Cherry-Drops (Free Images)
  136. Annwn (Gifs of the Realm & More)
  137. Onnet-z.Com (Webtv Tools)
  138. The Animal Factory (Animal Graphics)
  139. Digestezine (Paranormal Stories)
  140. Mz Vain's (Resources)
  141. Robbie's Webtv Games Galore (Have Fun !)
  142. Table Artist Guild (Art With Tables)
  143. Porkchop's Backgrounds (Background Images)
  144. Captain Cutlass's Pirate Page (Arrr, Tis Good)
  145. MsV's Sigs By Design (Pre-Made Sigs)
  146. Safari 2000 (Tour Africa)
  147. Planet Webtv 2000 (Webtv Help)
  148. Snoop Shop (Snoop Around)
  149. Soul Chaser's Chamber (Darkside Images)
  150. Lady Timeless (Images & More)
  151. Social Stories (Group Stories and Poetry)
  152. Bandi's Beautiful Frames (Cool Frames)
  153. Jerry's Universe (Out Of This World)
  154. Streaming Media (Music and Videos)
  155. Rick's Cafe Rock and Roll (Lot Here To See)
  156. A1 Autographs (Celebrity Autographs)
  157. My Place (Lots Of Stuff To Do)
  158. Paulding.Net (Great Tools)
  159. Joe's Real Audio (Real Audio Tunes)
  160. Joan's Music (Lots Of Wonderful Midis)
  161. Teri's SunnyCreations (Gifs & Midis & More)
  162. Ya'll Come - Country Jukebox (Midis)
  163. Angels N More Collection (Angel Images)

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